The Hot Box #029 – International Jazz Day

In The Hot Box Episode 29 we celebrate International Jazz Day which is a relatively new affair started back in 2011 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and gain much ground.

This episode features a necessarily small sample of music created by jazz musicians from many different countries, including Ireland, demonstrating the increasingly wide dimension of jazz music today and the role that it plays around the world. Even the first piece played includes musicians from Colombia, Cuba, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Argentina, Greece, France and Portugal, recorded in a big band led by Colombian newcomer Juan Andres Ospina.

You can hear tracks from Francesco Turrisi’s new album “Northern Migrations” as well as Linley Hamilton’s new album “Making Other Arrangements”. On top of that we have tracks from a surprise parcel from the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin and many more international acts.