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The Hot Box #096 – The Maybeck Recitals

The 96th edition of The Hot Box!

This an all-piano affair that marks the re-release (on Spotify) of all 42 albums recorded in the 90’s, of the solo piano recitals branded as The Maybeck Recitals. Recorded by the independent Concord Jazz label, they present a who’s who of jazz pianists of the last decade of the last century. The real biggies aren’t there – the Herbie Hancocks, the Oscar Petersons – perhaps Concord couldn’t afford their fees – but taken overall the recordings represent a diversity of brilliance. From stride to modernism.

In this edition we sample 9 of the players, from JoAnne Brackeen to Jim McNeely, and have cause to celebrate the amazing acoustics of the hall itself – lined with rosewood panels and an audience of only 50 – and the Yamaha grand piano at its centre. If the very best piano music is your bag, tune in to The Hot Box.

The Hot Box #095 – New Material XIV

The Hot Box 95: What’s in it?


Some great new music that’s what. Two from America, one from Belgium, and two from Ireland.


The album Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House was awarded to Daniel Cervigni who emailed, and now you can contact Donald to “win” the copy of Chick Corea’s Acoustic Band double album “Live”, which marks the second anniversary of Chick’s death.

The Hot Box 094 – Jazz in Italy

The Box goes abroad this time, heading south east to Italy, where some exceptional and distinctive jazz can be found. In this edition we highlight the marked attention to lyricism which informs so much Italian jazz, as though perhaps the traditions of Italy’s great classical tradition and opera lie beneath much of the contemporary jazz scene. We start however at the inception of jazz in Italy, banned as it was by the Fascist regime in the 1930s.

The Hot Box #092 – Guitar All The Way

The 92nd Hot Box is hot with guitars all the way. And there’s a reason. The new album from Chicago-based guitarist Tim Fitzgerald. Better still, you could become the lucky owner of a copy. An album that has been Album of the Month in Downbeat with a four and a half star review! So check in to the Box and see how you could get lucky!

The Hot Box 088 – All New Material

In the 87th Hot Box we scratched the surface of the hot topic of females in jazz, and now we to try to go a little deeper, so the 88th picks out some more women whose contribution to jazz has been stellar. And then we take a listen to an extract from the famous Piano Jazz series presented by Marian McPartland, in the studio with her friend, the legendary Mary Lou Williams.

We’re still only scratching the surface, or as one of our chosen songs says, Scratchin’ in the Gravel!