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The Hot Box #095 – New Material XIV

The Hot Box 95: What’s in it?


Some great new music that’s what. Two from America, one from Belgium, and two from Ireland.


The album Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House was awarded to Daniel Cervigni who emailed, and now you can contact Donald to “win” the copy of Chick Corea’s Acoustic Band double album “Live”, which marks the second anniversary of Chick’s death.

The Hot Box 094 – Jazz in Italy

The Box goes abroad this time, heading south east to Italy, where some exceptional and distinctive jazz can be found. In this edition we highlight the marked attention to lyricism which informs so much Italian jazz, as though perhaps the traditions of Italy’s great classical tradition and opera lie beneath much of the contemporary jazz scene. We start however at the inception of jazz in Italy, banned as it was by the Fascist regime in the 1930s.